Max Shelley, from new London-based startup Echoleft, explains how clients can use modern technology to give their loved ones a lasting legacy…

For most people, websites like Prepared London are full of the kind of information you’re not looking for until you need it. Then, at the point you need it, you don’t want to look for it; often the event that triggered your search is the diagnosis of a serious illness, or the loss of someone you love.

Max Shelley is designer and developer at Echoleft

I run Echoleft, a service that allows you to create beautiful memorial websites and I am in the same position as Adam, Dominic, Harry, Jennifer and the rest of the funeral & death-care industry that they are reporting on. We are in the unique, and still very new position of being part of an ancient industry, which Kristoffer Hughes recently spoke about being a better contender for the ‘oldest profession in the world’, as it moves along with everything else into the globalisation and commoditisation of almost all information (and mis-information) in the world.

If you are part of this industry, it might feel like there are new services, charities, platforms, apps and blogs popping up every day dealing with death, bereavement, palliative care and funeral information. There probably are, however there are a large number of sites that contain out-of-information or incorrect details, or online services that are no longer secure or managed. That’s alongside the usual web-based security and fraud issues we all face.

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That’s why I think there is a real responsibility placed on those of us in the industry who build websites and software to create reliable and sustainable services and sources of information. Our audience is potentially more vulnerable than any other we are likely to deal with and we have to take that into account when designing, writing and maintaining our work.

Echoleft allows charities and hospices to receive donations through our memorial websites, and it’s vital for us that any information we have is up-to-date and that their patrons can treat Echoleft as an extension of the trust they have in that charity to donate in their loved one’s memory.

I’m committed to making Echoleft an equally trusted source. Like the rest of the web, we’re just getting started. You can follow our progress on our blog and I really hope you reach out to us if you spot anything where we’ve missed the mark.

Interested in hearing more? Send Max an email.