Vic Fearn & company Ltd have been around since Victorian times. After a change of management, the first decorated coffin was conceived in 1990! Then Crazy Coffins was born! A shift away from traditional coffins (which they still make), Crazy Coffins have allowed customers to custom design their coffin and make it as personal as they want, to reflect them.

Based in Nottingham, Fearn’s still employs a number of highly-skilled joiners crafting the traditional coffins, as well as the exciting custom-made ones. Adam and I went to visit the factory and storage warehouse to see the people behind the business and some of the wacky designs already made, and those in creation.

The designs are very fun, and we spoke to Ursula, office manager, and George, one of the coffin makers. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the video, and in particular, which design you would choose for your coffin!


Video: Filmed by Adam Barr & Edited by Dominic Chase