Dr. Siri Harrison is a clinical psychologist and specialises in helping individuals deal with grief and loss. We have shown you how to plan for a funeral on the practical side, but we can’t ignore the emotions that inevitably associate with death too.However well prepared you might be for death, for your or your loved ones, the act of dying can hit you in many ways, but why is it still such a social taboo?

Dr. Harrison is from New York originally, but has lived in London for many years now. In general, the UK is very different culturally from our US counterparts, and we wanted to know if these differences occur in our attitudes towards death?


Our website has talked about the impact of customising a funeral, with fun designs for coffins. The option for customising a coffin has been around for twenty years in the UK, but has only recently started to take off and gain media exposure. We asked what the possible psychological reasons for customising death could be.


Our website has shown different ways in which people can celebrate a person or choose to mourn in a more ‘traditional’ sense. Is there a right way or a wrong way to deal with this?


And lastly, if Dr Harrison had to have a customised coffin, which design would represent her best?

Audio: recorded and edited by Dominic Chase