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Death: An inevitable plan


‘Death’ still appears to be a social taboo. Although an inevitable ending to all of our lives, it is not a topic we wish to discuss with our friends and family, and is not what you want to plan for when enjoying life!

However, your funeral is something that is extremely personal, to you and those close to you, so plan to make it special. As you will see from this website, you can try to make your passing just that little bit more customized, and therefore a celebration of you, rather than simply a traditional and generic ritual should you so choose that.

Over the past decade, although ‘British reserve’ inhibits our discussing this in public, planning for it is increasingly on our minds. The number of official funeral plans sold in the UK has increased to over 135,000, compared to just over 61,000 sold a decade ago, as the population grows older.

Our politicians are currently focusing on the ‘cost of living’ crisis, but don’t forget that the cost of death has been on the increase too. Your funeral is bound to be an emotional event to those close to you, so by planning for it, you can help to ensure it won’t be a costly one.

To put it crassly, the funeral industry is exactly that: an industry. It has to make money to survive, and currently generates around £1billion a year in revenue. The average cost of a funeral in London is £4,600, and this figure is expected to continue rising, despite rising 80% over the past decade.

Life expectancy in the UK has also been increasing and this largely down to medical advances and healthier lifestyles. People are now living longer, which means they need to spread a pension pot over an increasing number of years, so the cost of a funeral can be a significant one. With one-third of children born in 2013 expected to live to 100 and over 14,000 centenarians in the UK already, it has never been more important to recognise planning for the eventuality!

However, early planning will allow you to customise your funeral and have it the way you and your loved ones want. Be sure to have a look at our video interview with ‘Crazy Coffins‘, and see how you can make your passing a truly memorable event!

Image Credit: Jose Peguero (licensed for re-use from Creative Commons)

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