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Adam Barr


Adam’s really excited about the future of the funeral industry.
It’s up to companies to capitalise on advances in technology and a diverse population to increase their market share.

“The opportunities to expand the market and use technology to reach a targetted audience have never been greater.”

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Dominic Chase

Dominic Chase

Dominic’s focus will be on how a funeral can be a really personal celebration, rather than a morbid ritual. The funeral industry is adapting to meet peoples’ custom needs, such as custom coffins, and people should start planning for their funeral early in life, as they can be an expensive occasion. Check out the videos and galleries of crazy coffin ideas and get some inspiration!

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Harry Darkins

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Harry’s interest is in how we respond to death as a society.

“I believe we could learn a lot if we overcame our fears and just started talking about death and dying openly. This would also be of great benefit to the funeral industry, as businesses would have a clearer idea of what their clients really want.”

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Jennifer Deming

Jennifer’s interest lie in what the future holds for the industry and photowhat changes the melding of science and technology might bring. From natural burials and death doulas to cryonics and posthumous digital avatars there isn’t an avenue she isn’t willing to explore.Her current project is about Cryonicists in the UK.

If you have a story idea or issue you’d like to explore, get in touch: info@jenniferdeming.com.