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Dead Meet: Online Networking & Dating for the Death Industry

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Ever found it difficult to talk to non-industry friends about your job? Dead Meet aims to change that.

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Funeral Poverty: Making Funerals Accessible

Source: Dying Matters

Funeral Poverty is on the rise, the average cost of a funeral is now £7,622 leaving 1 in 5 saying they would struggle to pay.  National funeral debt is estimated to be worth £117 million.

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You Only Die Once

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It’s May and that means Dying Matters Awareness Week is fast approaching.

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For the fifth year running, the Dying Matters Coalition, set up to promote the public’s awareness of dying, death and bereavement, will be running events across the UK from May 12th to the 18th.

This year’s theme is ‘You Only Die Once’. Its aim is to get people to take control over their end of life arrangements by encouraging people to start talking about and planning for death.  Events will help participants make an action plan by promoting will writing, planning for both funerals and end of life care as well as how to inform loved ones of your final wishes.

There are lots of events to get you talking about death in the Capital and you don’t have to wait for the 12th to get started.

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A word from our partners at

Max Shelley, from new London-based startup Echoleft, explains how clients can use modern technology to give their loved ones a lasting legacy…

For most people, websites like Prepared London are full of the kind of information you’re not looking for until you need it. Then, at the point you need it, you don’t want to look for it; often the event that triggered your search is the diagnosis of a serious illness, or the loss of someone you love. Continue reading




We’ve already given you our take on London’s finest crematoriums. As an extra, we’ve compiled another list for you of other sites well worth a visit in London (including two of the cemeteries) when you’ve got some time, or as we like to call them; Deathstinations!! Continue reading

Review: The Nine O’Clock Slot

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“’This slot’s the early slot, the no budget, no frills slot. Low grade and high shame, the slot that no one wants. Welcome, to the ‘The Nine O’Clock Slot’”

Ice&fire’s production, The Nine O’Clock Slot, explores the taboo and often ignored subject of death through the little spoken of practice of ‘paupers’ funerals’ or common graves.

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The Nine O’Clock Slot Preview

The Nine O'Clock Slot

Photo Credit: Jon Holloway for ice&fire


Unfortunately, the post-show discussion has been cancelled. The organisers assure us it will be rescheduled, when it is PreparedLondon will be there to bring it to you live! Watch this space for details.

Join us on Thursday the 17th of April as we live blog a post-show conversation with the Writers, Annecy Lax and Hannah Davies, and Director, Lisa Spirling, of The Nine O’Clock Slot.

The Nine O’Clock Slot explores the rise of modern ‘paupers’ funerals’ in the UK. Based on real events, the production uses imaginative and immersive theatre to confront life in the face of death. The show runs until Saturday April 19th at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch.

Check back later for a review of the show.

‘Death Cafés’: an alternative way of confronting mortality

It’s just gone 6pm, it is March, and it is dark. People are trickling into a small room off Russell Square. They have their names checked against a guest list and are swiftly ushered over to the other end of the room, where a small table stands covered with refreshments and bright-coloured snacks. Continue reading

Top 10 Cemeteries in London!



Below is a little map we’ve put together of what we think are the best cemeteries in London! We’ve picked the cemeteries based on a few criteria, such as historical importance; famous names buried there; and beauty. The cemeteries are also located all around London, so if visiting London, or just want to spend a couple of days visiting them, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Continue reading

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