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The top 5 pieces of beautiful, overlooked funeral music

Music is an essential part of most funeral services, but its importance is often overlooked. Grieving families can find themselves choosing traditional, clichéd or impersonal pieces from set lists, which often fail to truly capture the emotion and poignancy of the moment. Continue reading

Digital Tools for Digital Legacies


The Law society urges people to leave instructions for their digital legacies and points out that failing to plan for how your digital life is dealt with could mean the loss of important and sentimental information. In addition to this, leaving clear instruction with how to deal with your social media, online banking and email accounts will leave no doubt as to whether you wish to have a digital epitaph on Facebook and will make access to accounts easier for those handling your estate.

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Interview about death

Dr. Siri Harrison is a clinical psychologist and specialises in helping individuals deal with grief and loss. We have shown you how to plan for a funeral on the practical side, but we can’t ignore the emotions that inevitably associate with death too.However well prepared you might be for death, for your or your loved ones, the act of dying can hit you in many ways, but why is it still such a social taboo?

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‘Death Cafés’: an alternative way of confronting mortality

It’s just gone 6pm, it is March, and it is dark. People are trickling into a small room off Russell Square. They have their names checked against a guest list and are swiftly ushered over to the other end of the room, where a small table stands covered with refreshments and bright-coloured snacks. Continue reading

A tour of the Hunterian Museum

I made a visit on a wet Wednesday to the Hunterian Museum near Holborn, London for a free tour through the fascinating and gruesome collection of human and animal remains.

Tracing the history of anatomical science via dissection, the tour gives a detailed insight into the murky world of 18th Century surgeons.

The museum takes its name from surgeon and anatomist John Hunter (1728-1793) who’s collection is held here.


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