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The top 5 pieces of beautiful, overlooked funeral music

Music is an essential part of most funeral services, but its importance is often overlooked. Grieving families can find themselves choosing traditional, clichéd or impersonal pieces from set lists, which often fail to truly capture the emotion and poignancy of the moment. Continue reading

Is Self-Regulation Enough?

Funeral Infographic copy


Is it time for regulation of the funeral industry?

Yet again another scandal has rocked the press about the funeral trade. Dame Elish Angiolini’s report on the Mortonhall baby ashes scandal revealed staff at the crematorium buried babies ashes in secret and, shockingly, the ashes left in the crematorium overnight would often be mixed with adult remains. Angiolini’s report accused funeral directors of failing to question the practice. Reaction to the findings suggests that an investigation into the industry is eminent.

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Locally Made, Locally Sourced but Missing from the Shop Floor

Photo Credit: Roger Fowle

Eco products are big business but many small producers find it difficult to get their product onto the Undertaker’s shop floor.

Roger Fowle, of Weaverman Baskets in Cambridgeshire, weaves coffins from Somerset willow. He has run into resistance when trying to get his product onto the shop floor. Fowle thinks, ‘a lot of it is to do with profit, the undertaker’s profit, they make a huge amount from selling a coffin’. When trying to get his coffins stocked he was told to cut prices, but Fowle argues that doing this would affect his bottom line.

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Digital Tools for Digital Legacies


The Law society urges people to leave instructions for their digital legacies and points out that failing to plan for how your digital life is dealt with could mean the loss of important and sentimental information. In addition to this, leaving clear instruction with how to deal with your social media, online banking and email accounts will leave no doubt as to whether you wish to have a digital epitaph on Facebook and will make access to accounts easier for those handling your estate.

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Interesting Bodies

Should you find yourself with nothing to do, check out our compilation of documentaries and reality television series exclusively about the trade.

Warning: Some of these videos contain scenes of a graphic nature

Crazy Coffins Video Interview

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Bob Crow’s Funeral- Wanstead to City of London Cemetery

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers from 2002, died on March 11, 2014.

One of Britain’s most high-profile union leaders, the announcement of Bob’s death was met with shock and saw union, industry and political figures paying tribute to him. London Mayor Boris Johnson, who often clashed with him, said Mr Crow had “fought tirelessly” for his members. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said Mr Crow had been a “fighter and a force”.

I went down to Wanstead, in East London to observe the funeral of the “most successful union leader in terms of securing jobs and pay for his members” (Nick Robinson, 2014).

Bob’s funeral, held on the 24th March, was in the traditional East End Style, with Black Friesian horses wearing blue and white feathers  recognising of his life long support of Milwall Football Club local funeral directors Floyd and Son put on the funeral.

Preparing to depart: losing a partner to a terminal illness

Sheila Hicks lost her husband Gerry to a terminal illness two decades ago.

Here, she speaks to PreparedLondon about how she reacted to his diagnosis, how she prepared for life after his passing, and gives some advice to those supporting people in grief.

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