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Funeral Poverty: Making Funerals Accessible

Source: Dying Matters

Funeral Poverty is on the rise, the average cost of a funeral is now £7,622 leaving 1 in 5 saying they would struggle to pay.  National funeral debt is estimated to be worth £117 million.

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Is Self-Regulation Enough?

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Is it time for regulation of the funeral industry?

Yet again another scandal has rocked the press about the funeral trade. Dame Elish Angiolini’s report on the Mortonhall baby ashes scandal revealed staff at the crematorium buried babies ashes in secret and, shockingly, the ashes left in the crematorium overnight would often be mixed with adult remains. Angiolini’s report accused funeral directors of failing to question the practice. Reaction to the findings suggests that an investigation into the industry is eminent.

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Digital Tools for Digital Legacies


The Law society urges people to leave instructions for their digital legacies and points out that failing to plan for how your digital life is dealt with could mean the loss of important and sentimental information. In addition to this, leaving clear instruction with how to deal with your social media, online banking and email accounts will leave no doubt as to whether you wish to have a digital epitaph on Facebook and will make access to accounts easier for those handling your estate.

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The unique challenges and benefits of London’s funeral industry

Immigrantion is changing the face and funeral industry of London, for the better

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Robdeep Verma was born in London, his parents, immigrants from Bangladesh set up a thriving business and he expects to live in the capital for the rest of his life as do the rest of his family. The Verma’s and many like them are irreversibly altering London’s funeral market and directors should rejoice.

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London chokes as air pollution revealed biggest killer

This week, Londoners found themselves choking under thick layers of dusty haze. A combination of emissions from continental Europe, domestic pollution, low south-easterly winds and dust blown over from the Sahara (yes, really!) pushed pollution levels to a record high on Thursday morning, with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ranking the smog at 9 out of a possible 10. Continue reading

Death: An inevitable plan


‘Death’ still appears to be a social taboo. Although an inevitable ending to all of our lives, it is not a topic we wish to discuss with our friends and family, and is not what you want to plan for when enjoying life!

However, your funeral is something that is extremely personal, to you and those close to you, so plan to make it special. As you will see from this website, you can try to make your passing just that little bit more customized, and therefore a celebration of you, rather than simply a traditional and generic ritual should you so choose that. Continue reading

Digital gravestones, a new revenue stream: closing or preserving social media accounts

The last thing people want to deal with after a death is social media accounts.

By incorporating social media closure advice into your service you can tap into a simple and worthwhile market that will put families at ease.

I take a closer look at the world of digital gravestones.

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When will business pick up?

In the 20th century Britain’s population grew by over 20 million people, but the number of the deaths per year has been in decline since 1960. But things are looking up, Prepared London created this infographic to show you why business is set to improve for those in the industry over the next 10 years. Taking into account birth rates, population size and life expectancy this is a comprehensive analysis, click here for the interactive version.

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