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Interview about death

Dr. Siri Harrison is a clinical psychologist and specialises in helping individuals deal with grief and loss. We have shown you how to plan for a funeral on the practical side, but we can’t ignore the emotions that inevitably associate with death too.However well prepared you might be for death, for your or your loved ones, the act of dying can hit you in many ways, but why is it still such a social taboo?

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Crazy Coffins Video Interview

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We’ve already given you our take on London’s finest crematoriums. As an extra, we’ve compiled another list for you of other sites well worth a visit in London (including two of the cemeteries) when you’ve got some time, or as we like to call them; Deathstinations!! Continue reading

Death Salon UK – Live Blog

Harry and Dom are here at Barts Pathology museum for London’s first ever ‘Death Salon’. We will be live-blogging from 9.30am so do join us, or alternatively tweet us @preparedlondon

We’ll be hearing from authors, academics and general death enthusiasts throughout the day and we’ve put the timetable below so you can join us whenever you want to see more of what interests you. We look forward to hearing all of your opinions, thank you in advance! Continue reading

‘Life after death’…….on Twitter?!

Social media has played a huge role in allowing people to broadcast to the world their day-to-day activities. So surely we would expect these updates to stop when someone is no longer with us though, right? Apparently not! We have compiled a of celebrities who are no longer present on earth, but still appear to tweet…….from beyond the grave.

Have a look at these famous names and follow them on twitter so see what they are ‘saying’; just click on the twitter profiles below to take you to their page. As you will see from the dates of their deaths, some of these wouldn’t have even known what Twitter was, let alone the concept of the internet!! Continue reading

Keeping with Tradition

St john's

You’ll have seen from our site how you can get a little more creative with a funeral, but the downside of this is that it can be very expensive. So what kind of funeral can you have if your budget won’t stretch to this, but you still want to give a fitting farewell? Father Nigel Asbridge the Parish Priest at St. Mary with St John (Upper Edmonton), and St John the Baptist & St James (Tottenham) wanted to share his thoughts and experiences of funerals with us… Continue reading

Death: An inevitable plan


‘Death’ still appears to be a social taboo. Although an inevitable ending to all of our lives, it is not a topic we wish to discuss with our friends and family, and is not what you want to plan for when enjoying life!

However, your funeral is something that is extremely personal, to you and those close to you, so plan to make it special. As you will see from this website, you can try to make your passing just that little bit more customized, and therefore a celebration of you, rather than simply a traditional and generic ritual should you so choose that. Continue reading

Top 10 Cemeteries in London!



Below is a little map we’ve put together of what we think are the best cemeteries in London! We’ve picked the cemeteries based on a few criteria, such as historical importance; famous names buried there; and beauty. The cemeteries are also located all around London, so if visiting London, or just want to spend a couple of days visiting them, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Continue reading

“A right royal party”


A right royal party


When someone close to you dies, it is an incredibly difficult and emotional period. But what happens when other difficulties interfere with trying to organise the celebration your loved one deserves? I spoke to Richard, about the difficulties he had in trying to organise his partner’s funeral in the 1980s and how the most fitting send of was a big celebration… Continue reading

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