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Author: Harry Darkins

Equal marriage, unequal funerals

Despite tangible progress in social attitudes and legislation, the grief of many gay and lesbian people who lose their spouses still goes unrecognised

As Dominic’s interview from February 4th with widower Richard demonstrated, losing a partner can be especially difficult in the UK if they happened to be a member of the same sex. Why, in a country often considered the best place in Europe to be gay, is there still such inequality? Panagiotis Pentaris, a specialist in the study of gay widows and widowers and a PhD Researcher in Faiths & Civil Society at Goldsmiths College, gave me his take on the situation. Continue reading

The top 5 pieces of beautiful, overlooked funeral music

Music is an essential part of most funeral services, but its importance is often overlooked. Grieving families can find themselves choosing traditional, clichéd or impersonal pieces from set lists, which often fail to truly capture the emotion and poignancy of the moment. Continue reading

A word from our partners at

Max Shelley, from new London-based startup Echoleft, explains how clients can use modern technology to give their loved ones a lasting legacy…

For most people, websites like Prepared London are full of the kind of information you’re not looking for until you need it. Then, at the point you need it, you don’t want to look for it; often the event that triggered your search is the diagnosis of a serious illness, or the loss of someone you love. Continue reading

Peaches’ funeral held

Photo: John Sellers

Mourners have attended the funeral of Peaches Geldof, with a host of stars paying their last respects. Continue reading

London chokes as air pollution revealed biggest killer

This week, Londoners found themselves choking under thick layers of dusty haze. A combination of emissions from continental Europe, domestic pollution, low south-easterly winds and dust blown over from the Sahara (yes, really!) pushed pollution levels to a record high on Thursday morning, with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ranking the smog at 9 out of a possible 10. Continue reading

Peaches Geldof dead

Photo: John Sellers

Peaches Geldof has been found dead at her home in Wrotham, near Sevenoaks in Kent.

Kent Police says the death is being treated as “unexplained and sudden”.

‘Death Cafés’: an alternative way of confronting mortality

It’s just gone 6pm, it is March, and it is dark. People are trickling into a small room off Russell Square. They have their names checked against a guest list and are swiftly ushered over to the other end of the room, where a small table stands covered with refreshments and bright-coloured snacks. Continue reading

10 inspiring funeral venues for 10 of London’s religious denominations

For the bereaved, funerals are upsetting and emotional events at the best of times. Having just lost a loved one, the stress of planning and organising their funeral often seems like an unsurmountable task. Continue reading

Preparing to depart: losing a partner to a terminal illness

Sheila Hicks lost her husband Gerry to a terminal illness two decades ago.

Here, she speaks to PreparedLondon about how she reacted to his diagnosis, how she prepared for life after his passing, and gives some advice to those supporting people in grief.

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